School of Fashion Design

Catering & Hotel Management

The School of Fashion offers Catering and Hotel Management. The intensive 1-year Diploma Course aims to develop and exploit students intellectual ability and create skills to the extent that they are profesionally equipped to explore and pursue careers in Catering and Hotel Management. Qualified lecturers deliver the prescribed course of the curriculum. Assessment of candidate’s proficiency in the written and practical examinations is based on work done throughout the year. The syllabus comprises of 80% practical orientated and 20% theory as our aim is to provide the students with hands on skills which enables them to become self employed and start their own business or target the hospitality industry. The skills taught will equip them to cater for fetes, school functions, weddings, parties, corporate functions, etc. Successful candidates obtain a Diploma at the end of the full time 1-year course which covers all aspects of catering and hotel management.

Courses for 3-months and 6-months are also offered: Certificates are offered on completion of courses.

Part time courses on Saturdays and weekday afternoons are also offered on various modules such as Flower Arranging, Cake Icing and Decorations, etc. The needs of each student are taken into account.

Our courses are aimed at all our diverse cultures of South Africa.

A minimum of 8 students per module. Enrolments for 2017 have begun.