School of Fashion Design

The School of Fashion, Dressmaking & Designing was established to satisfy the niche that developed in the clothing and fashion industry in the Midlands. This school was established in 1965 and has played a very important role for the past 52 years in educating men and women in the art of Dressmaking, Fashion and Designing under the guidance of the Principal, Prisilla Bhika. Many success achievers in the industry are members of this school. The school is registered with the PRIVATE COLLEGES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA and has joined the INDLOVU PARTNERSHIP FOR LIFELONG LEARNING, and is a member of the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business.

Our Diploma and Certificate courses are especially designed to equip school leavers with the necessary expertise to venture into various businesses relating to Fashion and Clothing which is putting our nation to work.

The school provides all necessary books and notes. The school has sewing machines and equipment that students can make use of on our premises.

Students will experience a friendly learning environment. Expert tuition and syllabi developed by various examining institutes.

The school arranges accommodation for its students from other Provinces and overseas students as well. Despite the South African industry having basically developed in isolation, our building bricks for rapid development are in place. We have an abundance of energy and local talent on which to draw.

The School offers 40 Hobby Courses. From the courses offered, students will be able to:

a) Open Small Businesses
b) Teach the course
c) Improve their environment
d) Take orders from individuals and companies
e) Supply boutiques

The School of Fashion also offers Catering and Hotel Management.